Add a borrower

To add a single borrower to the platform select “Pending Portfolio” from the left side navigation and then click the “Add Pending” button (shaped like a person with plus symbol), you will be prompted to fill out some borrower data fields. The only required fields are “Email” (so we can allow the borrower with this email address to join the platform) and “Owner” (which corresponds to the loan officer responsible for this borrower).

After they have been added you can notify the borrower to begin using the platform at (where “lender” should be your subdomain)

How do I get the URL to my join page?

You need to know your account domain name, this is the first part of the domain you login to, i.e. if your domain is “lender” you would login to either or depending on data residency. Once you know this just add “/join.php” to the end e.g.

How to import a set of borrowers

Select “Pending Portfolio” from the left side navigation and then choose the “Import Pending List” icon (looks like an up arrow). A window will open that allows you to download an import template which you can fill with borrower information. Click the “Browse” button to select your import template file and choose the blue import button. The newly imported borrowers will be displayed in the Pending portfolio list and their `Account` will show as pending until they have been invited and joined the platform.

Inviting borrowers to the platform

After borrowers have been added to the platform, they should be notified (via email) that they need to go to (where “lender” should be your subdomain) to complete the signup process in order to begin using the tool. 

If there are multiple borrowers added with the same email, the borrower will be prompted to select their Business Legal Name when signing up.

The borrower sign up process: 

  1. By clicking on the above link, the borrower will be prompted to provide their email address, business name and set up their password and subdomain (this is where the borrower will log in to access their account in the future). 

  2. After filling out the information and clicking ‘Create Account,’ the borrower will be prompted to check their email for a confirmation.

  3. Borrowers will be prompted to click the link in their email to finish confirming the sign up process.

  4. Once the borrower has verified their email, they will be able to sign in through the account url displayed on the confirmation page with the default username “admin” OR their email address and password they signed up with.

  5. The borrower will now be able to access the system in full.

For the sign up process to accept the borrowers email address they must have been previously added by the lender to the Pending Portfolio invitation list (either by manually adding, importing from CSV or integration with Core/CRM).

See all borrowers

Click on "Pending Portfolio" a list of all borrowers invited and joined will be shown. The account column indicates "pending" if they have been invited but have not yet started the application/sign up process, and will show an account subdomain if they have successfully followed the invitation onboarding process and signed in to the platform.

Edit an invitation

You can edit the data on an invited borrower before they join the platform

To edit a pending portfolio invitation, navigate to the ‘Pending Portfolio’ page and click anywhere on the pending portfolio entry you would like to edit. A pop up will appear where the lender can update information regarding the portfolio they selected.  Click `Save` to commit your changes.

Once the borrower has joined the system, their portfolio cannot be edited.  You can check the status of a particular portfolio by looking under the “Account” column in ‘Pending Portfolio.’

Removing an invitation

From the Pending Portfolio view a “Remove” button is displayed beside each invitation, this button can be used if the borrower has not yet joined the platform. Once the borrower has joined the platform and created an account and you wish to revoke their access you will need to Remove their account instead

Re-sending an invitation

From the Pending Portfolio you can re-send an invitation by clicking the edit icon next to the pending invitation you need to re-send

At this point you can click “Send” to deliver the invite again, or you may wish to tailor the message sent or modify the email address the invitation is sent to.

Troubleshooting invitation email delivery

If you suspect an invitation email is not being received for technical reasons you can access the Communication Log in the administration portal to troubleshoot whether the email bounced or otherwise.

Troubleshooting sign-up errors

Email is not on our list

This error will appear in case your customer is not using the same email address as what you used to invite them. This error may also appear if you have not successfully invited them, but you have sent them the join link beforehand.

Checkpoint 1: Verify in your Pending Portfolio if the email address is already there. If the email address is already there, please ask your customer to use the same email address to sign up.

Checkpoint 2: If the email address is not in your Pending Portfolio, this means you have not invited the customer. If you have not been informed that Invitations are turned off for your portal, then please go back to and invite the user.

Opening the Join Link to the Public/Turning Off Invitations

Financial Institutions may opt to open the join link to the public - which means that anyone with the link will be able to join your portal as your customer, and you do not need to invite them to the platform beforehand. This is a useful option if you don’t want your team members to go through the invitation process for each customer or in bulk, and you would like to hand-off the signup process directly to your customers.

If you wish to remove the invitation process and have the link open to everyone, please contact us at

By opening the link to everyone, you can provide a single link that your team members can direct your customers to. This is usually in the format: <financialinstitution>, where “financialinstitution” is the address of your production portal.

The Invitation Workflow was created so that Financial Institutions can control which customers can access their portal. By opening the link to the public, you recognise that your portfolio list may include spam or unapproved users.