The branding feature contains the majority of content and styling that your customers will see as they use your platform. The key areas of content and styling that can be configured are:

  • Logo and browser favorite icon

  • Default package for new customers

  • Theme and primary highlight color

  • Onboarding content

    • Joining the platform landing page

    • Legal agreement

    • Registration emails

    • Welcome page

  • Notification emails

Getting started

To modify branding options choose ‘Branding’ from the side navigation. A page will display with many branding options.

Branding options include:

System name - This is the name emails will appear to come from, typically this would be your organization or department name

System email address - The email address that notifications will appear to come from and replies will be sent to

Join content - When a user is invited to be part of your portfolio they first sign on to the platform on the “Join” page, this content will be displayed

Welcome content - Each time the user signs in to the portal they will be shown this welcome content first. It is a good place to provide instructions, links and relevant updates


Welcome to our lending platform, below is a list of documentation we require in order to assess your loan request quickly. Please proceed through the steps on the left side menu.

If you need to contact us please use the Secure Mail so that our communications are kept secure and confidential.

Using cloud based accounting like Quickbooks Online or Xero? Be sure to select the "Connect Applications" step to automate much of your work, if you are using desktop software of spreadsheets you can upload reports on the "Upload Files" step instead.

If you have questions about how to use our platform please see our FAQ at https://docs.myintranetapps.com/faq

Thank you and we look forward to helping you meet your financing goals.

Terms and Conditions content - Shown on the “Join” page, These conditions need to be agreed to when a user joins your portfolio

Invite email - Sent when initially asking a customer to sign in and join your platform


Welcome to XXXXX you're invited to our new lending platform where you can
share your financial data securely … in minutes

It's a one-time set up for the duration of your loan.

Save Time
No more preparing financial documents each month as part of your loan reporting. Your information will be shared seamlessly with us and you’ll be prompted for additional questions.

Control Over Your Data
Once connected, your information is encrypted and only accessible by authorised loan and credit officers. You can revoke this connection any time.

Click here to get started https://XXXXX.myintranetapps.com/join.php

If you have any login or data questions please check our FAQ at https://docs.myintranetapps.com/faq

Thank you,

The XXXXX Team

Data Reminder email - Sent when data is required or overdue

Registration email - Sent when the user completes the form on the “Join” page, it contains a confirmation link to verify their email address

Registration complete email - Sent when the user completes verifying their email and can now sign in to the platform

Application received email - (optional) - When an application process has been configured for your account this is the content that will be sent to the user when they submit an application

Application processed email - (optional) - When an application process has been configured for your account this is the content that will be sent when you move their application to a processed status

Password reset email - Sent when a user requests a new password. You may wish to also include support contact details

Logo - Your company logo, note that the logo is a PNG format file and should be resized to 308px x 100px specifically

Favicon - The ICO format file to be used by the users browser for a bookmark and tab icon

Default Package - The package an invited user will be assigned when they use the “Join” page to onboard

Primary color - The color that will be used in certain headers and graphical elements, typically this would be set to a corporate color that contrasts well with white

Theme - A base set of colors and visual style for your platform

Custom CSS - This is an advanced option for web designers who are familiar with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that want to control the visual style more tightly and override fonts and colors

After modifying any of these values click ‘Save’ to have the changes take immediate effect.