Step 1: In NetSuite, Enable NetSuite Web Services

To enable the NetSuite Web Services feature

  1. Log in to NetSuite as an administrator.

  2. Select Setup > Company > Enable Features.

  3. Select the SuiteCloud tab.

  4. Ensure that the SuiteTalk (Web Services) check box is selected.

  5. Select Save.

Step 2: In NetSuite, Perform the Token-Based Authentication Setup Tasks

  1. Enable token-based authentication.

  2. Create a role that permits logging in with token-based authentication.

  3. Assign the DataDock connection user to the token-based authentication role:

    For instructions, see Assign users to a token-based authentication role.

  4. Create a NetSuite application to enable DataDock to use token-based authentication with NetSuite.

    • Recommended: Name the application "DataDock".

    • Recommended: Set the user name to something like "DataDock admin".

    • Take note of the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID, and Token Secret. They are required to enable the DataDock NetSuite connection to use token-based authentication.

    Warning: The Token ID and Token Secret are displayed only once. After you leave the NetSuite page that displays them, they can never be retrieved from NetSuite. Store the values in a very safe place, and treat them as securely as passwords.

Step 3: In NetSuite, Obtain the Account ID

To find the Account ID, log in to NetSuite as an administrator, and select Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences > Account ID.

Step 4: In DataDock, Enter connection information

You will need to enter the following fields which you should have values for from performing the previous steps:

  • User Name

  • Account ID

  • Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret

  • Token ID

  • Token Secret