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Create A Sandbox Account

Follow this guide to create a sandbox account. You can create a sandbox account through the Administration Portal or through the API. You must already have a Boss Insights account.

Sandbox is a mock environment. No real data will be created.

Through Administration Portal

Step 1

Through your administration portal, click the Accounts tab from the left navigation bar as outlined in orange.

Step 2

Within the Accounts tab, click Add Account in the top left of the page as outlined in orange.

Step 3

Under Environment, select Sandbox and then fill out the remaining form. Make note of the Subdomain.

Step 4

Go to the url that you created under Subdomain in the previous step. This is how you will log in.

You’ve successfully created a Sandbox account!

Through API

You must create an account with the optional parameter of environment:"sandbox" entered in the JSON body of your account creation request. Please see Accounts for an example and instructions.

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