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Integrations are data sources that Boss Insights can use to pull data from. It can be difficult for a financial institution (FI) to keep track of the software and applications that their clients use to manage their data. Boss insights allows the small to medium business (SMB) client to connect to the accounting software that they use, either through the Portal or through your own interface using our API.

After the connection is authorized and authenticated, Boss Insights is able to pull the data, standardize, reconcile and present it in a Chart of Accounts. This Chart of Accounts can later be used to display widgets on the Insights Dashboard for Portal users.

Integration/Data Sources Support

We offer a huge library of data sources that can be viewed on our integrations page. You may view the different data categories that these integrations fall under such as Accounting, Payroll, Tax, Commerce, and Banking.

Data Type Support

If you are interested in which data types are supported by which accounting integration you may visit our Supported Types page.

Pages Related To Integrations:

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