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Boss Data and Boss Embedded - Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, we answer frequently asked questions from our prospects, current customers, and brokers about our platform.

This FAQ page is for Boss Data and Boss Embedded.

For FAQs for Customers, go to Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs on Boss Cares (PPP), go to Origination FAQ

How does Boss Insights use customer data?

  1. We use your customer’s data to provide insights to both you and your customer. We do not and will not provide insights to any third party.

  2. Boss Insights may use anonymized data to train our data models. These data models will be used only to provide additional or new insights in the future.

  3. Boss Insights does not and will not approach your customers and will not provide any lending/funding services.

  4. Under Canadian federal regulations, we are not allowed to provide support direct to your customers - one of your officers or team members should serve as liaison in case of issues on your customer’s side.

  5. Learn more about our data privacy policy at Privacy | Boss Insights.

Are there any restrictions to the data provided by customers?

  1. We are beholden to whatever data your customer provides.

  2. You will have access to your customer’s data both via our portals (Boss Decision and Boss Monitor) and/or via API (Boss Data).

You will have access only to data they provide. If they have not connected their accounts, it means you will not have access to their data. You can ask your customer to provide more data via Secure Mail (included in Boss Decision, Boss Monitor, and Boss CARES-PPP).

Are data coming from different providers easy to read?

  1. Yes. We’ve built our integrations in a way that the data output is already normalized and easy to read by both humans and external systems connected to our API.

  2. While different providers have different category definitions, we have provided a normalization layer where categories are funneled into one common data model so that the information is easy to understand regardless of the provider. This solves problems including when one provider identifies costs as “expense” and another identifies it as “Expenses” (plural, with an “s”), or “Costs”.

  3. We understand that you may also want to data to be normalized in a different way - and that is why Boss Decision and Boss Monitor has a Custom Chart of Accounts Mapping feature.

Do you store customer data at rest in your server?

  1. Boss Insights stores data at rest on our servers in Canada or United States (depending on your data residency).

  2. We store data at rest on our servers to make it easier for you and your customers to access their insights.

  3. In case an API connection gets broken, you and your customer will still be able to access data. The date the data is last synchronized can be seen as the “Last Reconciliation Point” in all insights that needs time-based data.

How long is customer data stored in your server?

  1. Data is stored in Boss Insights' server until you erase it or at the end of your relationship with Boss Insights.

How long does it take to synchronize data?

  1. Each data type is synchronized separately for each customer.

  2. Once a customer connects their cloud accounts, you should see their data in real-time.

  3. For customers that upload data from non-API-supported applications (using our OCR, such as Payroll and Tax information from IRS), you will instantly see their data after upload, but will not be able to monitor in real-time since their data provider is not API-supported.

What happens when API disconnects?

If there is a configuration issue, or the customer disconnects their cloud connections, you and the customer will still have access to the data that was synchronized before the disconnection.

How will our customer provide access to the account in Boss Embed?

Boss insights will provide a snippet of JavaScript that you can insert into your portal. It will provide you with an interface to present the list so your client can provide authorization for connectivity. This info will be provided during your Boss Data (API) Onboarding.

What is the format of Boss Data API?

Boss Data API comes in JSON and HTML depending on your preference. You may also access and download the raw data via web.

What is the process for getting the API integrated?

Boss Insights will send a Service Order and Master Services Agreement. Once signed, there will be onboarding which will include a sandbox account and production account.

While Boss Insights provides technical documentation to get started right away at, total onboarding time may vary between 1-3 weeks, depending on the brevity and complexity of your current system, including migration of your customers from another LOS or CRM to Boss Data.

Is the data real time or is there a manual task required to get the most current information?

Boss Insights APIs provides the most current information and there is no manual task or pull required to get the real time information.

What support does Boss Insights provide for integrating Boss Data?

Boss Insights will schedule an onboarding session with you and will provide support documentation for reference. You may also find our Documentation at You may also submit tickets to

How do you gather tax information?

Since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS, U.S.) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not allow connections via API, users have the option to install our browser plugin to get their tax information. Our extension users Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the webpage and identify related information. You may check our help article on How to Import Data to see how our extension works.

Unlike Payroll Information, tax information can only be gathered using our extension. Webpage uploads (Option 3) will not work. For more information, visit How to Import Data.

Can some information be excluded from the extension?

Yes. We can exclude information such as SSN from the data output. Please reach out to us while onboarding or file a ticket request at

How do you gather payroll information?

Like tax information, most payroll providers do not allow connections via API - so users have the option to install our browser plugin or to save the webpage as a file and upload it to our portal to get their payroll information. You may check our help article on How to Import Data to see how our extension and payroll data upload works.

What do end users see when they connect their cloud applications?

What shows up on your customer’s screen when they connect to cloud applications depends on the cloud application they are connecting to:

  • Some applications will show Boss Insights and Boss Insights' logo.

  • Some applications may be able to show your organisation’s brand name.

If you want to ensure that your customers will see only your logo, and that they will not see our (Boss Insights) logo, you will need to setup an “app” for every data provider.

Remember: We have 1,000+ app connections on our portal.

Do I need to setup my own API Keys for cloud applications?

Some third-party applications may require you to setup your own API Keys and “apps”, whether you are using Boss Data and Boss Embedded to create your own applications or even just for Boss Decision and Boss Monitor. This requirement depends on the third-party application’s terms and conditions.

For applications that require your own API Keys and “apps”, you are not required to create your own API Keys on your sandbox. You will only be required when using your production environment.

If you need help in acquiring your own API Keys, please refer to or submit a support ticket at

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