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Roadmap & Changelog

The changes mentioned below may already be active in your account depending on whether you are on our default or quarterly release tracks.

Looking for our full roadmap? Customers can request access

Boss Insights Fall '22 Release

The Fall '22 release helps you reduce the time spent on manual tasks to serve your customers and provides interface improvements to enhance the intuitiveness and efficiency of your work

Changes in our Fall '22 release include:

  • Visual refresh to the Portfolio user interface and Administration portal RELEASED

  • Financial metrics engine to allow configuration of all ratios, metrics RELEASED

  • Embedding API for forms, dashboards and widgets RELEASED

  • Conversion of PDF Financial documents into Excel for financial spreading RELEASED

  • Access to Tax transcripts and IRS account history and real-time alerts RELEASED

  • Ability to match accounting and banking transactions to verify accounting data accuracy RELEASED

  • API connector for Mulesoft RELEASED

Supported Browsers

We’ve made some changes to which browsers we support. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported as Microsoft has retired this browser and very few of our users actively use this browser version. Internet Explorer 11 also consumed a disproportionate amount of our internal development resources so we made the choice to stop supporting it since there are better alternatives and we can focus more of our development time making our software even better.

How and When Do Features Become Available?

Customers on our default release track will receive some features immediately as they become available while others require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Customers on our quarterly release track will receive the Fall '22 release during their elected upgrade window in November 2022.

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