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Accounting API

Accounting data goes beyond simple financial records; it plays a pivotal role in steering the direction and strategy of businesses. While the accounting API can be used to manage finances, it can also be used to provide insights that aid decision-making.

You may visit the Accounting Supported Types page to gain an understanding of which accounting integrations we support.

For more details on our Accounting API, including which integrations are available please visit our integrations page.


Boss Insights' accounting data access is available via API or file uploads. The API provides a direct connection to your customers' accounting software, providing the broadest set of data. Example elements include profit and loss, balance sheet, invoices and accounts receivable, payments, chart of accounts, expenses and accounts payable and more. The data is ready for financial spreading and health metrics and can be viewed within your portfolio or in embedded dashboards.

File Upload

Another way to obtain accounting data is through file uploads. Your customers can upload balance sheets and profit and loss statements in either PDF or Excel forms. The data is then cleaned by Boss Insights while also highlighting any transcription errors. The data can then be used for financial spreading and to calculate health metrics.

This is also a great option for customers who do not use accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho etc.


In our Accounting Guides section, you will find tutorials for creating example applications with our API, links to already built demo applications, information about our metrics endpoint, and much more.

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