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Boss Insights Connector User Manual


Enable instant API connectivity with the Boss Insights API platform with the Boss Insights Connector. Your single API connection to the global leading number of accounting, banking, commerce, payroll, tax & more.


This document assumes that you are familiar with Mule 4, Anypoint Connectors, and Anypoint Studio. To increase your familiarity with Studio, consider completing a Anypoint Studio Tutorial. This page requires some basic knowledge of Mule Concepts, Components in a Mule Flow, and  Global Elements.

Hardware and Software Requirements

For hardware and software requirements, please visit the Hardware and Software Requirements page.

Installing the Connector

How to Configure

  • After adding connector dependency to Mule project, click on Global Elements tab at the base of the canvas.

  • In the Global Mule Configuration Elements screen, click Create.

  • In the Choose Global Type wizard, collapse connector configuration and select 'Boss Insights Connector Config' and click OK.

By using base URI, username, and password we can connect to Boss Insights system. Please refer the below configuration details in attached images.



Base URI

Enter the base URI of Boss Insights URL including the “/api”


Boss Insights Username


Boss Insights password

Common Use Cases

Output To File

A use case of the connector could be to get the data from Boss Insights and then output it to a file. We will add to the example. The flow will look like the image below.

Maven Dependency Information

Maven is backing the application, this XML snippet must be included in your pom.xml file.


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