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A connector is like a bridge between two systems. It is a software that can interact with and handle the technical details of using APIs. Connectors can be useful for IT Admins, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists that need to move customer data from Boss Insights to internal/core systems for further analysis and workflows.

Data collected by the Boss Insights platform lives in our secure cloud based platform, you may wish to copy this data to your own data warehousing solution for analysis or retention purposes to fulfil compliance requirements.

If the data collected via Boss Insights is required for other business workflows such as inside your CRM or core banking system a connector can be used to sync systems either directionally or bi-directionally. You may also want to perform further analysis on collected data for example using it as an input in to a machine learning model to calculate probability of default.

Overall, connectors can simplify the process for integration application creators by eliminating the need to directly program against APIs. They allow for convenient data exchange between systems which can make the data flow process easier and can automate what would otherwise be tedious and error prone re-entry of customer data.

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