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Portfolio Management


The software platform lets you manage all of the borrower accounts you manage in one holistic portfolio


The portfolio is where you see a table of all companies that are sharing data with you. To access it click ‘Portfolio’ from the side navigation, a table of companies will be displayed (if no companies appear you’ll need to invite one!). The headers in the table can be clicked to quickly sort the list by any configured criteria and using the search you can look for a specific company.

Clicking on the underlined value in the ‘Account’ column will take you to the sign-in page for that account, if you want to view the dashboard for the account click anywhere else on the table row.

As companies accept their portfolio invitations they will be automatically added to the portfolio view.


To get an overview of a company and access critical data we access the company insights dashboard. You can access the company insights by clicking on a company in the portfolio view or by selecting the company name from the INSIGHT menu on the side navigation and clicking the ‘Company Insights’ button.

Your dashboard will look similar but different to the screenshot above depending on how it has been configured.


When you select a company from the INSIGHT menu on the side navigation and depending on how your account has been configured you will see a workflow appear in the side navigation.

This workflow will mirror what the borrower sees and may include additional steps visible only to the lender depending on configuration. Clicking on a step will show you the data that has been entered and saved by your borrower, you may also edit data on their behalf.

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