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Connecting to a CRM integration creates a bidirectional sync between Boss Insights and the external CRM system such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

This connections allows for a daily data synchronization meaning that if an update is made on one platform, the changes will be reflected on the other. Details that can be synchronized include essential account information such as first names, business names, email addresses, and more. Deal/Opportunity stages can be selected to choose which leads to pull. Only contact information for clients that within the selected stages will be pulled. You can learn more about configuring forms for CRM sync to decide which information is shared.

An additional feature of this connection includes automatic invitation sending. Upon a successful connection, Boss Insights will automatically send invitations to customers inviting them to share data.

This two-way connection streamlines the process of managing both platforms and saves valuable time for mutual customers.

Please note that an appropriately configured Boss Insights account must be set up in order to use these integrations. Please visit the respective pages to learn more.

Example of initial step of connecting to Salesforce

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