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Accounts & Packages


Each of your business borrowers is managed as an ‘Account’ on the platform, each account may have one or more Users, by default when a new account is added a user is created called ‘admin’ which is the administrator of the account, more users can be added.

A package is a collection of settings that are applied to the account and allow you to uniformly apply settings to groups of accounts on your platform, e.g. a ‘Borrower’ package might contain settings to enable sharing information but turn off some non-borrower related features.


Adding a account

There are three ways an account can be added to the portal:

  1. The Administration Portal

  2. Through a portfolio invitation

  3. Automated process through the API (requires software development expertise)

Adding an account through the administration portal is the least common way as it does not add the account automatically to your portfolio for data sharing - to do this see adding a pending portfolio invitation, we describe this process however:

  1. click on ‘Accounts’ in the side navigation

  2. click the ‘Add Account’ button in the top right corner of the list accounts page

  3. a form is presented to add a new account, the fields are:

    1. Account type - Standard account should be selected by default, a Controller account has the ability to add and manage its own separate accounts. This should mostly be set to ‘Standard’

    2. Account name - Typically the name of the business that will be using the new account

    3. Package - The collection of settings and policies to be applied to this new account, typically this will be called something like ‘Borrower’

    4. Active - Whether the account should be active and ready for use or you may set this to ‘No’ if you want to create the account but defer allowing use if the account

    5. Subdomain - every account is accessed via its subdomain, e.g. a subdomain of “mycompany” would login to the platform at

    6. Custom domain - if this account is to be accessed over a domain different from the default myintranetapps that you own then it would be entered here. Mostly this can be left blank

    7. Administrator email - The email address of the user who will have full control over the newly created account

    8. Administrator password - A password the administrator will need in order to sign in.

  4. click the ‘save’ button to create the new account. no invitation or welcome email is sent.

Removing an account

You need to be an administrator with access to the administration portal to do the instructions below. The administration portal is different from our loan origination, decisioning & servicing, and PPP loan portals

If you are not an administrator, please contact your administrator and include this link and the email of the borrower you want to remove.

To remove an account we simply update it to be inactive.

  1. click on ‘Accounts’ in the side navigation, a table of all accounts is shown

  2. click on the account name you want to remove

  3. look for the ‘Active’ option and set it to ‘No’

  4. click ‘Save’

The account will now be inactive and any user associated with this account will be unable to login.


Adding a package


Removing a package


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