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Portal Administration


The Portal Administration is where various operational logs, settings, content and access controls can be configured for your Main Portal Application. Within the administration you will find the following features:

  • Users & Groups - Grant access to new staff members and modify their access to various features

  • Branding & Settings - Change the look and feel of the portal as well as notification and page content

  • Accounts & Packages - Manage the accounts of your borrowers and specific package settings

  • Communication Log - See a log of the notifications sent to your staff

  • Event Log - See a log of various events in the platform e.g. logins

Looking to access your portfolio and collect and manage data? head over to the Main Portal Application

Sign In

To access the Portal Administration sign in to:

To sign in you will need your username and password as well as your account domain. You may also use your email address in the username field if you prefer.

Which portal you sign in to will depend on the Data Residency option you selected when you opened your Boss Insights account.

Once signed in you will see a page similar to the following. It contains a side menu where you access various features; the currently selected feature will appear highlighted. The bulk of the page is dedicated to the functionality of the selected feature.

Sign Out

To securely stop using the Portal Administration click on your user information in the top right corner of the page and choose “Logout”

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