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Migrating from another platform

These instructions apply to migrating to the Boss CARES PPP platform ONLY

In order to migrate from another platform to the BOSS Cares PPP platform you will need to export applications in progress. We provide two types of template files to help ease the transition:

  1. New Borrower Import Template

  2. Existing Borrower Import Template

    1. First Draw

    2. Second Draw

New Borrower Import Template

Existing Borrower Import Template - First Draw

Existing Borrower Import Template - Second Draw

Import New.xlsx

First Draw - In Progress.xlsx

Second Draw - In Progress.xlsx

Along with the template you will also need to prepare a zip file containing a folder for each existing borrower than has existing documents. Each folder should be named after the unique identifier of each borrower

For example if I am migrating a set of borrowers and one of them has the unique identifier of cust007 then the folder structure could look like:

Once you have prepared your import Excel and Zip file contact Boss Insights to arrange the data transfer and platform setup.

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