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Setup Process for PPP

Before reviewing the PPP specific steps below you will want to view our general initial setup instructions to understand how to provision new staff logins and also how to brand certain aspects of the platform, e.g. logo, email content.

SBA API Access

Before processing loan requests you will need to ensure your Institution Settings are correctly setup in the SBA’s own portal as illustrated:

Be especially careful to check that both Origination and Forgiveness are both enabled as the Boss Insights platform supports both processes.

Next we need to obtain a Bank API Key, choose “Users” from the top right menu and then either edit an existing user or click “Create User” as illustrated:

Regardless of whether you create a user or edit an existing one you need to ensure “Enable API Key for this user”, “User can access Forgiveness” and “User can access Origination” are all ticked as illustrated:

Click Save, then click on the name of the user you just edited to view their API key (also called API Token) as illustrated:

Next we will Copy and Paste the API key in to the Boss Insights platform.

Log in to your main lender platform and click on the Connections icon in the top right, type “SBA” in the search box and then click connect as illustrated:

Next paste the API key you copied earlier in to BOTH (API Key and API Secret) boxes and click “Continue” to connect your account to the SBA. Send an email to to notify that you are connected and we will perform an additional test to ensure correct setup.

You are now finished connecting to the SBA.

Boss Insights does not need and will not ask for the user name or password for your account, we only need the API key to create loan origination and forgiveness requests

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