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All articles related to security including API keys, embed tokens, authentication and more will be found in this section.

To gain access to the API, you will need API users and their corresponding tokens. If a token is ever compromised, don’t worry! A new token can be generated, rendering the old token useless. All communication with the API is securely encrypted using HTTPS TLS connections.

Authentication and Authorization

The API is accessed via Basic Authentication over HTTPS, by using an API user and API key as the Auth user and password. You access your api at

When accessing the API via your web browser the basic authentication credentials will be cached and you can perform more than one query without being prompted for credentials, but when you use Postman or in your own code you will need to send the authorization headers with each request.

Please visit our Authentication and Authorization page for more details.

All About API Keys

You may visit our API Keys page to get more information on creating, listing, and updating API keys. This page contains some error responses for your reference.

All About Embed Tokens

An embed token is necessary in order to use the Link Page Element widget and the Link Connection widget. An API key will be required to generate an embed token. Please visit our Embed Token page to learn more on generating one


For OAuth based application integrations you may specify your own “app” credentials if you are a developer that has created your own app within a given providers development portal. To learn more about obtaining and configuring credentials, please see our How To Set Up Credentials guide.

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