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API: The API is the same foundational component used within our own portal product and can be used in conjunction with this portal or standalone embedded within your service. For your convenience, we have separated our documentation into Data API and Administration API.


Borrower: Another term for a SMB that has authorized you access to their financial data. Please see Business.

Business: A SMB that has authorized you to access their financial data. They are able to connect to different integrations and have their own dashboards.

Business Insights: Real-time alerts of business opportunities, risks & tips to understand your portfolio and help business customers grow.


Connection: An integration that has been authorized, authenticated, and connected to.


Dashboard: Also known as the Insights Dashboard. An interface available through Portal that can be styled and customized to show metrics and ratios for each company. For more information, please see Dashboard Customization.


Forecasting: We offer the ability to see an estimate of most likely financial outcomes. For details on setting up forecasting, please see Metrics Cards & Charts Configuration | Forecasting-on-Excel-Custom-Metrics.


Integration: This refers to applications and data sources we can connect to to retrieve data. When an integration connection is established, it may be referred to as a connection.


Lender: The Financial Institution providing the loan. This is an outdated term a


Platform: Platform encompasses the two portals (business/client and financial institution/lender), and the API.

Portal: This can refer to either the Financial Institution/Lender Portal or the Business/Client Portal. The Portal Application provides an automated process for securely gathering data from a business client and enables simple but powerful workflows and dashboards to ensure data quality and timeliness. You can learn more and see technical documentation under Portal.


Sandbox: A testing environment with mock data to try out our product. Please see Create A Sandbox Account to get started.


Workflow: A workflow is used within the portal application an end user accesses to provide a guided experience in collecting data. A highly customizable set of steps are defined to ensure a smooth experience. Please see Workflow Customization for more information.

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