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Administration API

The Administration API is used to provision and manage accounts that will store your customers data as well as manage app connection information. Each account is isolated from one another unless access is granted via sharing settings or setting the datashare flag when creating the account.

A Postman collection is available to use this API.

This API is NOT used to access the chart of accounts of a company or any company data like a balance sheet. It is only used to manage accounts to store your customers data. See Data API for accessing your customers data.

The API methods available include:

  • Accounts

    • POST Create Account

    • POST Listing Accounts

    • POST Update Account

  • Connections

    • GET Health

    • POST Disconnect

  • Embedding

    • GET Embed Token

  • Security

    • POST Create API Key

    • GET Listing API Keys

    • POST Update API Key


All Admin API endpoints use BASIC AUTH over HTTPS for authentication. An API Key is supplied as the “user” while the “password” can either be an empty string or not set.

All Admin API requests also require in addition to BASIC AUTH an Account-Key header which contains your unique alphanumeric account key.

Your Account Key can be found within the Admin portal under the Developers >> Embed menu.

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