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Commonly Asked Questions

How can a borrower add additional users?

See: Users & Groups

How do I reset a borrower's password?

See: Change Password

What browsers does the platform support?

We test and support the use of the last two supported versions of major internet browsers which currently include:

  • Apple Safari (Mac)

  • Microsoft Edge (Windows / Mac)

  • Google Chrome (Windows / Mac)

  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows / Mac / Linux)

We also support and test some functionality for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows

The minimum supported screen resolution is 1280x1024 pixels.

Does the platform support mobile devices?

While the platform will work on modern mobile devices it is not recommended due to the large amount of data entry required that is more difficult to complete  on a mobile device.

A borrower has not received an account confirmation or password reset email, why?

See: Communication Log

My IT department has a firewall that blocks your portal, do you have a list of domains we can have added to an allow-list?

Yes, you can find a list this on our List of Systems

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