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Users & Groups

User Management

This article covers how to add and remove users from the platform .

Adding a user

To add a new user sign in to the Portal Administration , click `Users` in the side navigation and then click the ‘Add User’ button in the top right corner.

On the following page you will be able to add user to your account.  Fill in their information and set a new username and password for them to use. Username and email are case-insensitive.

Group membership is managed on the right side of the page, if you need to make this new user an administrator you select the “admins” group and then click the “>>” button to add this group to the selected groups list.

Set the new user to active by choosing ‘yes’ and finally click ‘Save’. 

Remember to set Active to ‘yes’ or they will not be able to login.

The user you just added will now be able to login with their username and password at your account url and if you put them in the “admins” group - the Portal Administration.

Removing a user

Removing a user is a misnomer, we will actually deactivate their account instead as we need the account to remain on the platform for audit purposes.

To deactivate the account:

  1. click `Users` in the side navigation, a table of users appears

  2. click the username of the user you need to edit, the edit user page will appear

  3. look for the ‘Active’ setting and change it from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’, click ‘Save’

The user will no longer be able to login to the platform.

If the inactive user was signed in to the platform when made inactive they will still have access until their current session ends.

Group Management

This article covers how to add and remove groups from the platform. Groups are used to define a set of users that should be treated in some similar way. They may have roles or specific permissions attached that grant or deny access to parts of the platform e.g. “Borrowers”, “Underwriters”, “Loan Officers”, “Admins”.

Two groups “admins” and “users” are built-in to the platform and cannot be changed or removed. All users are part of the “users” group, while only designated platform administrators should be added to the “admins” group.

Adding a group

To add a new group:

  1. click `Groups` in the side navigation, a table of groups appears

  2. click the ‘Add Group’ button that appears near the top right corner of the page

  3. provide a name for the group and choose the active option of ‘Yes’ to make the group usable. The group name cannot be changed after it has been saved

  4. click ‘save’

The newly added group will be displayed in the table of groups.

A group name cannot be changed once saved, If you make a mistake in naming the group simply remove the incorrect group and add a new one

Removing a group

Groups cannot be removed but may be deactivated so that users are no longer added to them. To disable an existing group:

  1. click `Groups` in the side navigation, a table of groups appears

  2. click on the group name

  3. choose ‘no’ for the ‘active’ option

  4. click ‘save’

The group will still be shown in the table of groups but will now be listed as ‘INACTIVE’ and users will no longer be able to be added to this group.

Groups may be reactivated later if needed by following the same procedure but choosing ‘Yes’ for the active option.

When a group is deactivated any existing users who are members of the group remain members, they are not automatically removed.

Modifying group membership for a user

You can edit the group membership of a user after they have been added to the platform by clicking on ‘Users’ from the side navigation and then clicking the username you wish to modify the membership of. You will be presented with the ‘Edit User’ page and from here you can add (or remove) groups from the ‘selected’ set of groups by clicking the group name you want to change and using the “<<“ or “>>” buttons depending on whether you are adding to the selected groups or returning a group to the list available. After modifying groups you will need to click ‘Save’

You may notice the Password field for the user is blank when you modify them, this is normal and should only be filled if you are changing their password.

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