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Use Cases

This page is provided to help you understand the various pieces of the Boss Insights platform and when each might be utilized in your customers journey. There are a lot of powerful features available so if you have questions please reach out to us.

Capabilities Map

Each of the capabilities can be provides by the Boss Insights platform or integrated with a 3rd party provider.

  1. Customer Onboarding and Verification

  2. Health Monitoring and Cashflow Management

  3. Workflows and Data Extraction

  4. Data Synchronization and Reconciliation

  5. Personalizing Offers & Workflows and Data Extraction

  6. Credit Worthiness and Business Valuation & Health Monitoring and Cashflow Management

Data Use Cases

Customer Onboarding and Verification

When new business customers apply for services you need to quickly gather their pertinent information and verify they are who they say they are.

Boss Insights integrates with a number of KYB providers to facilitate identify verification, beneficial ownership, Tax ID verification, Lein checks and more.

Our platform can be used to onboard brand new customers from their initial application through to a workflow that guides them to provide all required information and begin to take decisions on the data acquired in real-time. If you already have a separate customer onboarding process you can import data via our API to pre-populate your customers Boss Insights account to avoid data double entry and use SAML based SSO to provide a branded frictionless sign-in experience.

Supporting your customers is paramount, which is why we provide a secure chat facility to enable one-to-one conversations between customers and their relationship manager or you can bring your own support system and embed it right inside the Boss Insights platform.

Beyond KYB checks you may augment your onboarding process by collecting financial data such as balance sheets and income statements upfront via an API connection to your customers accounting software or by PDF/XLS upload to immediately present personalized offers. Go beyond identity authentication and get IRS validated tax transcript data to corroborate tax ID’s and gain verified historical income.

Personalizing Offers

When advertising to new and existing customers a key factor determining whether your efforts are successful is whether the solution you are presenting helps with an actual need the customer has either now or in the near future.

Boss Insights can utilize all of the data you have accumulated on a customer and decide what offers to present and when to present them based on criteria you define. We can look at historical data available via balance sheets, income statements and bank transactions or forward looking cashflow forecasts, AP & AR data and more.

A library of template offers is available to get your team started and you don’t need to be a software developer to create more - in fact if you know how to use Excel then you already have the training you need.

Being able to deliver personalized offers means you can help your business customers when they need it most, not only that but you can also pre-qualify them based on the data they have already provided.

Workflows and Data Extraction

In order to screen, verify, qualify and otherwise get to know your customers better you often need them to provide additional information about themselves. This information comes from a variety of disparate sources, some from 3rd parties and some from your customers.

Boss Insights provides API connections to your business customers most popular accounting, sales and payroll applications. In addition we connect to 16k+ financial institutions, credit bureaus and even the IRS in the fastest most reliable ways possible. For business customers without cloud based software we offer connectors for windows desktop software and even the ability to ingest messy PDFs of financials in to clean data ready for automated financial spreading.

To tie all of this information gathering together it's important to have an intuitive customer workflow. Boss Insights provides a powerful and configurable workflow system which supports gathering data via forms, UETA compliant e-sign and the aforementioned APIs.

Once all the data is gathered there are a multitude of use cases that Boss Insights supports directly like Health Monitoring and Cashflow Management but it is important to be able to shepherd the data in and out to facilitate additional use cases and further analysis and so we provide both API and direct data SQL connection options.

Health Monitoring and Cashflow Management

Do my assets exceed my liabilities? Will I have enough cash to pay employees next month? What is my business worth? These are some of the questions your small business customers will ask themselves. As businesses get larger the questions turn to areas of efficiency and planning for growth. It is often time consuming and expensive for SMB’s to gather the information required to answer these questions and even harder to share it with financial institutions that can help them the most.

Boss Insights leverages data that businesses already have, combines it with 3rd party data sources and feeds it in to our financial calculation and forecasting engine to automate the task of constantly reevaluating business financials. You can create your own financial ratios and metrics or use ours, additionally the data can be shown in charts on easy to read dashboards to help both your internal team as well as the business customer better understand their financial health and make better decisions.

All of this functionality is configurable and can be either used in our standalone portal or embedded within your existing customer portal.

Credit Worthiness and Business Valuation

Whether lending to a business or selling a businesses you need to know about the future cashflows and current financial position to determine the businesses value or ability to repay a debt.

With the financial calculation and forecasting engine within Boss Insights you can choose from a library of prebuilt formulas for business valuation and credit worthiness or configure your own. The results of these calculations can then be shown to your internal team to automate decisioning and then exported and filed away for compliance and record keeping. Optionally you might show your business customers the results of valuation calculations so they can see on a dashboard what their business might be worth.

Data Synchronization and Reconciliation

Gathering and formatting data manually is painful, reconciling that data across sources even more so. Relationship managers, underwriters and other finance roles need accurate and timely data to make informed decisions. Business owners need the most complete picture of their finances and often struggle to reconcile that data from multiple incompatible sources.

Boss Insights provides direct connections to a multitude of data sources and then automatically cleans and synchronizes it for analysis. Our read/write API enables you to pull records from source and update those same sources with new information from your own records such as payments or invoices.

Advanced transaction matching speeds reconciliation and audit processes and allows you to quickly understand data quality with accuracy scores and be alerted to how those scores have changed over time.

Integration with Core, LOS and CRM platforms

Having your team check multiple systems to get a full view of a customer is time consuming, error prone and expensive so its essential that once you move past the pilot phase you integrate systems together. We have pre-built integrations with a number of core, LOS and CRM systems as well as a full featured API to enable bespoke integration.

Specific widgets, metrics and dashboards can be embedded within your existing customer records management interfaces to provide a “single pane of glass”. Data connectivity is provided via API and SQL to load or extract information to and from the Boss Insights platform to avoid stale data.

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