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We are happy to help you learn how to develop with our products and get started!

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Interested in customizing the UI of your portal? The Portal

  • Looking to access financial data of your customers? The API

  • Curious about embedding? The Widgets and Link

đź’ˇ Background

Boss Insights is a provider of a single API that provides a holistic view of your business customers financial data. It is used by financial service providers to build digital experiences to access data from the software apps small and medium size business customers (SMBs) use.

Looking for a sandbox account to get started? Read more here.

đź“• User Guide

Looking for documentation for your non-developer team members? See our product guide, We also make end-customer documentation available at Customer Help .

🛎 Support

If you need help with any aspect of development please reach out to our team at

ℹ️ Developer Documentation overview

This documentation is intended for software developers and covers the Boss Insights API and Portals. The API provides a single view to various types of business financial data from accounting and banking through to commerce, marketing and more. The portal provides a UI for your team and your customers to share data and collaborate through your workflows.

If you want to know all the software apps that Boss Insights can connect with please look at our integrations page.

Looking for Portal documentation? You’ll find that at our Portal Documentation site.

See our Examples to begin accessing the API quickly



The Portal

An overview of technical Portal documentation. This section is split into the Form Data Model, Dashboard Customization, Workflow Customization, and Portfolio.


An overview of technical documentation available for API. This section is split into Data API and Administration API.

The Widgets

This is an introductory page the widgets. Under The Widgets, you will find the widget catalog. There is also more information on our embedded Link Page Element Widget as well as a tutorial on Styling Embedded Pages.


Articles on creating a sandbox account and the Sandbox Accounting Application. There is also a tutorial on connecting your Boss Insights sandbox account to your Quickbooks sandbox account.


Articles related to data sources and integration connections including data categories, setting up credentials, and a payroll overview.

You will also find articles on setting up integrations such as Quickbooks and Shopify,

Looking for our library of integrations?


Information on our link connection widget for pulling data from different sources. If you prefer creating your own connection interface, there is a tutorial for that too.


Instructions on Document Conversion through the API. If you would like to convert documents through the Portal, please see Tools within the product guide.


Articles related to reading/writing data from integrations. Visit Write and Sync or Data Sync.


Information on Insights such as the chart of accounts and an introduction to insights within the Dashboard.


Articles related to connectors to make API usage easier such as Anypoint Studio from Mulesoft or Export to Salesforce using You can also find an article on Data Flow, how data comes into the platform.


Collection of reference documents including: Postman Collection, Data Residency, Glossary, and an introduction using WebDAV including uploading files.

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