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Return PPP Application

The information on this page is Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) specific

This article explains how to return an application to a borrower to adjust their data before submitting for PPP forgiveness.

Once an application has been submitted to the SBA it cannot be altered and resubmitted. Any communication and further changes will be coordinated with the SBA directly through their portal.


To return an application to a borrower:

  1. Lookup the company in the INSIGHT menu

  2. Choose the “Lender Review” workflow step

  3. Ensure that when the lender review page loads the name of the company you expect is shown in the top right corner

  4. Choose “Yes” under the Return application to borrower option

  5. Click the Save button

You should now contact your borrower to inform them that their application has been returned for further editing. When the application is returned to the borrower any prior attestation signature is removed.

No automatic notification that the application has been returned to the borrower occurs. You need to contact the borrower and explain the parts they need to change.

After the borrower has made changes they will need to return to workflow step 6.3, re-sign and save the application to resubmit it to the lender.


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