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API Pages

This page will contain details about pages found under the “API” subsection in the administration portal. Many of these pages will be more technical and development focused, as a result this page will link to tutorials and guides in the developer documentation.


API Keys

This page will contain the tools necessary to generate and view existing API keys, please visit the Generating API Keys tutorial in the developer documentation.

API keys are used for authentication to the API every time an API request is made. Once a key is generated, please securely store it as it will not be shown again.

Connection Health

The Connection Health page provides the connection status of integrations your business customers use. At a glance, it lets you know which accounts are still connected to their applications, which are not, and which might have errors.


The Embed page will contain security settings and and options for embedded widgets. This section will cover the different sections of the Embed Configuration page. For full documentation on embedding, you can visit our developer documentation.


If you have registered your own app with an integration, such as Quickbooks, and you would prefer to have your customers connect or share their data through this instead of through our app, you may enter the identifier and secret on this page. Please visit the Integrations page for more details.


Webhooks are a way that web applications can communicate together. It lets you send real-time data from one application to the other when an event occurs. Essentially, it lets you know anytime an event is triggered so the next queue of steps can occur. Please visit the Webhooks Configuration page to get started.

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